The Animal Hospital of South Gorham Veterinary Pharmacy stock different varieties and different strengths of medications to fullfill the pharmaceutical needs of animals. Because the needs of animals as well as the regulations on veterinary medicine are often very different from those related to people, veterinary pharmacy is often kept separate from regular pharmacies. Although you have the option of purchasing your medicines at stores (and online stores) accross the country, there are a few good reasons to purchase from a local veterinarian:

Quality: Veterinary medicine often includes treating your pets with medications. By purchasing locally you make sure that only high-quality medications are dispensed to your pet.

Warranty: Some pet medications come with a warranty from the manufacturer. Purchasing your meds from a veterinarian is part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Should the medicines not work as expected the manufacturers often assist financially in treatment costs. This right is waived when buying from 3rd party sources.

House-Call Services

At Home Euthanasia:
We offer housecalls for a humane ending for your non-human friends. Many pets are nervous and anxious in the veterinary hospital. Owners often wish that their pets could "just fall asleep, and comfortably pass" in their own beds. The housecall option gives us a chance to make this a reality. We try to accomodate owners' schedules whenever possible. Our veterinarians will often visit during their lunch breaks or at the end of a busy day.

Routine Housecall/Wellness Examinations:
These can be an option for housebound clients or aviary visits. We have limited availability to schedule these visits, so please call several weeks ahead. It is often much safer and expedient to examine and treat sick patients in our hospital setting.

End of Life Counseling

Happily, many of our pets are living longer, more comfortable lives than in the past. Our veterinarians and staff are trained to give you advice on possible treatment options, pain alleviation and assessment of quality-of-life. These discussions can help you to make difficult decisions that are hard to face alone. We routinely consider ease of acceptance of medication and the pet's temperment and/ or tolerance for treatment when advising our clients.

Husbandry Consulting

Pet owners must be responsible to provide the proper environmental conditions for their exotic pets. Considering that their habitat is different from the normal pets, these owners must be updated and in-the-know of the right housing and diet for these creatures. If they don't have enough information about taking care of animals that are already in captivity, they might endanger them even more.

Proper housing may be difficult to attain because it might be expensive. The correct environment to put the creature in is also dependent on the specific temperature and the amount of sunlight the creature would get. Above all, giving the exotic pet the right food and the correct diet isn't only difficult, it could also be impossible.

Behavior Counseling

Each year more pets are relinquished or euthanized for behavior related problems than for all medical causes combined. Behavior problems are extremely frustrating for owners and cause the bond between owners and pets to quickly deteriorate. Many owners do not know where to turn for help and receive multiple conflicting ideas about how to best solve the problem. The area of animal behavior counseling has recently evolved to give these pet owners somewhere to turn. There is hope for these pets, but we need to accurately identify the cause of their behavior and then examine how it affects them and their family. A logical plan can then be developed to modify the behavior based on how animals learn.

At Animal Hospital of South Gorham our goal is to keep pets a valuable member of their family by providing professional services and educating owners about animal behavior. Once an owner understands why their pet exhibits a certain behavior, the treatment plan begins to make sense and the bond between pet and owner can be restored.

Some example of behavior issues we address are:

Dogs: Jumping, Lack of training, Aggression, Separation anxiety, Fear, nervousness, Excessive barking, Excitability, House soiling, marking, Acral lick dermatitis, Spinning/tail chasing, Fear of thunder.

Cats: Fear, Repetitive behavior, Aggression, Spraying/elimination problems.

Birds: Screaming, Aggression, Feather plucking, Self-mutilation, Stereotypic behaviors.

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